Stop Paying to Work

Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will. – Nelson Mandela

1. 25Cab drivers set their own price and accept multiple forms of DIRECT payment. 25Cab does not process payments or take a cut of driver earnings. Passengers pay NOTHING for our product. Drivers must accept at least one form of non-cash payment.

2. Best of all: the first 8 months of driving is TOTALLY FREE.

3. Passengers choose their own driver and can tune their ride preferences with 25Cab more than they can with any other ride sharing application in the world. Passengers favorite, rate, review, and blacklist drivers.

4. SAFETY FIRST. 25Cab requires credit card numbers and ID photos to validate user identities. Drivers are reviewed & their profile is not editable. Their license plates must be displayed, their pictures clear and their car photos not stock images. 25Cab records all driver activity and saves it indefinitely. If you ride with 25Cab your ride is being documented and your driver's identity linked to it.

5. Unlike other apps, we NEVER sell your information or charge your card other than for driver subscriptions and a 1 cent validation charge for new drivers.

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